Daily Spiritual Study

  • Ongoing study, 7 days a week, with different instructors
  • Yoga, text work, soul exercises, spiritual seeing, ecology, future perspectives
  • Retrospective evening session
  • Partly in moderation with the spiritual teacher Heinz Grill

The study programme is offered daily. It usually consists of one or two yoga classes, text work, philosophical study, consciousness or soul exercises and a retrospective evening session. Cultural, hiking and creative design days provide variety and versatility with the content work.

Further information and participation requirements

The study programme is coordinated between the teachers and the spiritual teacher Heinz Grill, and is partly also moderated by him personally and accompanied in regard to content.

Spiritual Seeing

Friday 17 Nov. 14:00 to Sunday 19 Nov. 13:00

How can the human being rise up anew, free and with a pure heart?

What is needed to face the situations of the world, whether joy or sorrow, whether good or bad, with courage and wise and developmental strength to bring order and health upliftment?

Registration and information:

The Yoga Training Days


10./11.02. & 9./10.03.2024

04./05.05. & 01./02.06.2024

07./08.09. & 05./06.10.2024

Begin 10:00
End, 13:00


Yoga Teacher Training


29.03. – 01.04.2024

04.- 07.07.2024

07.- 10.11.2024

Begin 14:30
End, 13:00


The Yoga Training Days

Locations: Naone, Casa artistica, 200 Hm above Lundo (Trentino), seminar house Lundo

The yoga training days include an intensive yoga practice lasting several hours. It is usually led by Heinz Grill and trained yoga teachers. Yoga exercises, the so-called āsana, are explored in greater depth and their content is further developed through intensive practice, resulting in visible progress. Participation requires the study of at least one book by Heinz Grill. (learn more about participation and registration at: Yoga und Soziale Kompetenz/Yoga and Societal Competence) ( Yoga und Soziale Kompetenz)

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