Heinz Grill – Spiritual Teacher and Developer of a New Path of Spiritual Education

Heinz Grill is a spiritual teacher, writer and author of spiritual literature. He works internationally as a speaker on spiritual topics.What is special about his socially integrative spiritual training path is that he connects spirituality directly with the content of life and places human beings as an individuals with their creative potential at the centre. In addition, he has trained to be an anthroposophical health practitioner. On his homepage he regularly publishes articles on contemporary spiritual topics.

The Spiritual Training Path

At the center of the Spiritual Training Path is the consciously creating and realising a sense of meaning. For him, spirituality is neither a substitute for or an escape from life nor a going into a mystical world of one’s own. For him, spirituality is also not a path to a quick enlightenment or settling into group moods. Retreating from life and strong compensations are, in his view, also not compatible with a path of training. He even sees these attitudes as critical and weakening, as they increasingly separate the individual from the whole, from fellow human beings and from social responsibility.

The conscious creation of meaning and sense, which happens through one’s own thinking, and develops its order in pictorial, calm experiencing, raises the path of training to its relational and warm expression that is representative of the heart.

Heinz Grill, The Souldimension of Yoga, 6. Edition 2019 / S. 55/56

The heart centre is the place where content is given shape, the site of the ability to face life on the one hand with calm, but on the other hand with a high level of activity.

Heinz Grill, The Souldimension of Yoga, 6. Edition 2019 / S. 54

The Soul Dimension of Yoga,
A practical foundation for a path of spiritual practice

Creating life with content – the synthesis of spirit and world

Heinz Grill describes the way to shape one’s life with content and to productively enter into life with ideas. He has developed content for various areas of life, for yoga, architecture, nutrition, interior design and climbing. His inspiration for healing interior design, for example, is unique. Spaces should appeal to people’s senses and interest, and remove boundaries, so that people are inspired by architecture and experience themselves in a larger, cosmic context. The design of the Casa della Bellezza in Tenno or also some of the houses in Lundo enables this to be experienced very impressively.

Heinz Grill speaks to Karen Patterson at Yoga in Somerset about the meaning of depth

What is the invisible depth that lives behind outer appearances, and how can we develop a sense for it? In his first English language interview Heinz Grill speaks to Karen Patterson at Yoga in Somerset about the meaning of depth.

Interior design in Lundo, The Seminar House

Spiritually speaking, people today want to enter into their growing creative power and for this they do not want to choose an ideological concept of God – with a God whom they place high up as creator and name themselves an obedient good people – but they themselves want to search for the sources of wisdom, and they want to begin to transform ideas into ideals. This activity, if it is done solely with reason and clear devotion to the ideal mental pictures, formed as well as possible, generates a peace movement on a universal level. It is non-violent, conscious, and it requires the sacrifice of personal egos, attachments and all kinds of compensations.

Heinz Grill, Annual Outlook for 2023 – Part 3
Posted on 1 January 2023, For the future, only what is truly created will enter into its meaning

Heinz Grill as a Climber and Yoga Practitioner

In addition to his spiritual work, Heinz Grill is a passionate climber and member of the Club Accademico. The Club Alpino Accademico is an Italian association founded in 1904. All members have distinguished themselves alpinistically without the help of mountain guides, especially through rock climbing. Heinz Grill, for example, can look back on over 120 climbing routes in the Sarca Valley and over 50 Dolomite tours that he has created over the years together with climbing friends.

Heinz Grill in the Dolomites on the way to a climbing route, Pale di San Lucano

At the age of 22, Heinz Grill began intensively practising and studying yoga. He has continued and deepened this study over the last 40 years and out of this has developed a spiritual path of practice. However, he has not founded a new style of yoga. Heinz Grill has investigated the laws of movement and the possibilities of yoga exercises and placed them in a new spiritual and philosophical context. It is not the exercise itself, but the conscious and content-related examination of the exercise that makes it possible to develop a deeper soul experience and spiritual connection to the yoga postures. A clear and artistic awareness of the posture then comes to life in the yoga exercises. Heinz Grill expresses this spiritual, mental and artistic attitude in the yoga postures.

Alongside its technical perfection, every exercise also has the meaning and thought activity that is put into it, giving it its own specific expression. This language, this expression, is an important element in this yoga.

Heinz Grill, Soul Dimension, 6th edition 2019 / p. 74

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