Daily Spiritual Study

The study programme

  • Ongoing study, 7 days a week, with different instructors
  • Yoga, text work, soul exercises, spiritual seeing, ecology, future perspectives
  • Retrospective evening session
  • Partly in moderation with the spiritual teacher Heinz Grill

Current study topic:
The basics of meditation

Yoga Teacher Training

The advanced yoga teacher training courses are offered three times a year. They are aimed at yoga practitioners who are looking to make progress in their yoga practice, as well as yoga teachers who wish to deepen and broaden the quality of their teaching with new content.

Further information and participation requirements

Next advanced training:

02.- 05.11.2023

The Yoga Training Days

Intensive practice of yoga āsana with concretely imaginable content.

The yoga training days include an intensive yoga practice lasting several hours. It is usually led by Heinz Grill and trained yoga teachers. Yoga exercises, the so-called āsana, are explored in greater depth and their content is further developed through intensive practice, resulting in visible progress.

Next yoga training:: 07.- 08.10.2023

Spirituality and Study in Lundo, Northern Italy

Information and registration

Office opening hours
Mo – Sa: 8.00 –18.00 Uhr
So: 8.00 – 13.00 Uhr

Heinz Grill speaks to Karen Patterson about the meaning of depth

What is the invisible depth that lives behind outer appearances, and how can we develop a sense for it? In his first English language interview Heinz Grill speaks to Karen Patterson about the meaning of depth.

The Study Programme

The study programme is offered daily. It usually consists of one or two yoga classes, text work, philosophical study, consciousness or soul exercises and a retrospective evening session. Cultural, hiking and creative design days provide variety and versatility with the content work.

About the University

Visit the homepage Here you will get an insight into the ecological spiritual project in Naone – an ecological project in an idyllic, quiet natural setting.

The Sun Oasis Project

The term Sonnenoase (Sun Oasis) was created by the spiritual teacher and writer Heinz Grill a little less than two years ago.

Study Programme

The study programme usually consists of one to two yoga classes, text work, soul exercises and a reflecting evening session.

about Heinz Grill

Heinz Grill is the developer of a socially integrative spiritual training path, spiritual teacher, author of numerous books on spirituality and yoga, and founder of the idea of the Sun Oasis.

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