Study days

Yoga: Not an escape but self-individuation

Speaker: Heinz Grill

In the fast pace of everyday life, yoga is often the only quiet time for many people. The daily stimulus begins already in crowded streets on the way to work and, continues in the performance and competitive pressures at work.

Stress factors that are usually overlooked are the many manipulations emanating from the media, advertising, business, church, and politics. Every lie separates people and causes an unseen inner tension. At the same time manipulation and lies prevent healthy self-individuation. The purpose of the lie is to move the individual in a certain direction, for example, to buy a product that he would never buy if he was honestly informed, or to agree to something he would reject if he knew the true context. The manipulator relates as in a superior position, and the person is assumed to be unable to unmask the lie. In this way, it becomes increasingly difficult for individuals to maintain their personal integrity. Integrity is important however, so that life forces are sufficiently effective for regeneration and can counteract exhaustion. A momentary escape from these exhausting and tiring conditions is often saught in the oasis of yoga. But can it be satisfying to escape from unhealthy conditions only for a short time? Must it not even be considered unworthy for the individual to have to flee into niches in order to be human again, and can it be a solution in the long run? Instead of fleeing, rather does it not require a growing self-individuation and uprightness of the individual and a reorganization of the conditions that would accompany this?

The study days start directly from the possibility of a growing self-individuation for each individual. For this reason, they do not take place in the classic teacher-student relationship but assume that all those present will constructively work on the chosen topic. Mental images are at the beginning of the yoga practice, they are studied and slowly developed in the exercises. This requires a concrete visualization and a mental imaginative activity, which trains the independent powers of consciousness and perceptive faculties. Developing a sensitivity and a relationship to the mental images has a very regenerating and constructive effect on the life forces. The practitioner experiences how it is he himself who can increasingly shape the conditions in the exercise according to the ideal images. This kind of artistic-aesthetic yoga practice was developed by Heinz Grill in many years of research work. During the study days, the practice can be further developed and deepened in the described manner in personal exchange with him.

Place and arrival:
The study days take place in the small town of Lundo in Italy. Lundo is situated in a valley near Lake Garda and can be easily reached via the Brenner motorway, and then from Trento in 45 minutes on the main road. See googlemaps

Conditions of participation:
The study days are suitable for adults without any age limit. The yoga practiced here describes a social process of establishing a relationship to spiritual thoughts and their concrete form. The study days are suitable for practitioners and yoga teachers of all types. The basis for participation is knowledge of books by Heinz Grill, such as “The Soul Dimension of Yoga” or “Enriching the Life and Health of the Chest Area”. This allows the individual to form an idea of what to expect during the study days.

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