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Invitation to the Artist Days 30.12.2020 – 01.01.2021 in Lundo and Worldwide

Over these days in different places in the world people are going to come together to give examples of how spiritual content can be brought into form, this can take place completely independently from the current travel restrictions and limitations. Through this a new cultural impulse can find its way into the world via the activity of individuals.

The idea of the artist days is:

To bring content into a piece of art work, into an activity,
actually into all areas of life. It is not
what you can take out of an activity
it is what you put into it that has a lasting value.

This idea, given by Heinz Grill, can be applied by everyone and represents a new and necessary concept of life for the future. What content does a musician bring to their piece of music, what content does a painter bring to their painting, a demonstrator to their rally etc.

Heinz Grill lives in Lundo, a small town in Trentino. This is the central point from where all gatherings will be connected.

Practical approach and connecting:
Anyone interested in working on this cultural impulse can contact the organization team directly (see below for contact details). The practical idea for the days is that people come together on their own initiative to work together and individually on a theme. Ideally, each artist or participant presents a content from their creative area that they have integrated into their work.

It is possible to exchange and develop the themes and content directly with Heinz Grill via video conference. The organization team will arrange the method and time directly with each group.

All meetings will take place within the framework of current Corona regulations – please note the rules in Italy, at home and in transit countries.

Looking forward to the year 2021 with Heinz Grill
Heinz Grill is invited to share a forecast for the coming year 2021 on New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2020). From anywhere in the world where the artist days take place, you can join the forecast via video conference. Please contact the organisation team for details.

Contact, information and registration
Via the organization team by email and by phone
at 0039 0465700125

The current articles by Heinz Grill on his website offer a valuable and important basis for studying current topics and their psychological and spiritual relationships. Heinz Grill describes thoughts and how they specifically find their way into the world.

Study days

Yoga: Not an escape but self-individuation

Speaker: Heinz Grill

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